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Este album es una "masterpiece", they plays with the London Symphonic Orchesta, around 180 musicians, it the best album what i know,
the best songs are: ich verlasse heut dein herz, halt mich , sanctus.
Is a must listen this album

Review by: lacrimosa

this album is their best, its a killer album, its so inspiring!

Review by: iNfernum

I think this is Lacrimosa's most popular and known album... I really don't have a favourite, each one has a somewhat different feeling, all I can say is that they're all superb!
The sound of this work is quite similar to the previous, Stille, although the orchestra is even bigger! This one is maybe easier to listen to than the Stille, thanks to songs like Alleine zu Zweit or Halt Mich. Tilo's composing skills get better with time, too. I'd also like to highlight the drummer's work, which I think is quite unique.
And by the way, I shall waste no words to describe the beauty of this album... Just listen to them! Unless you wish to feel much emptier, of course...

Review by: Twi666

After 'Inferno', Lacrimosa had a complete makeover. Tilo and Anne decided to move away from rock/metal and infuse a more symphonic feel. The result was 'Stille'. 'Elodia' is like twi666 said. It is basically the same, except the orchestra is bigger. Elodia tells the tale of a doomed love in a tragic rock opera. The music is dramatic, but not overly so, and the single, 'Alleine zu Zweit' even managed to climb the German charts. This album has been hailed as one of their best, but not all fans feel the same..

Review by: geiste

My first Lacrimosa album. A VERY good one, indeed!
The orchestral scores are very well written, even more so than on any other Lacrimosa album (except maybe "Echos"). Tilo's voice is also better than usual, although once again, a tad less amazing than on "Echos". Anne's own little creation, "The Turning Point", is ace, but still my least favourite track. I'd like to point out that "Dich zu töten fiel mich schwer" is the most atmospheric track, IMHO, and that "Ich verlasse heut' Dein Herz" features unbelievable piano and guitar solos (my statement as a semi-professional, I am a student of music, and electric guitar is my first instrument).

Review by: IWK

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