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after claiming that "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" would be the last Leviathan record, Wrest decided to give us this little gem. shorter than other full-length releases, this is a well-crafted album that flows almost seamlessly from one track to the next. there are no lyrics provided, but his vocals are so wretched on this recording that it doesn't even matter what he's saying. while being dark and evil, there is also a sickening haze of ambience hovering over every song that creates a wonderful atmosphere while still being aggressive. i love that his other albums are longer, but the fact that this is just over 45 minutes means it has more of a repeat value: it ends before you know it and you're left wanting more.

give it more than one listen before you decide if you like it or not, i wasn't crazy about it at first but it really grew on me.

Review by: False Messiah

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