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They have really no idea of what a band should sound like. Production is funny as hell, technique and ideas are at zero, vocals suck to the core and the music is actually too bizarre to let you get a picture...
They pretend to play some symphonic shit, but the result is a mere and continuous musical wank.

Review by: JonVendetta

This is really a great album. Maybe you'll think it;s a bit strange, and that's true.
But it;s a intersting album indeed.

Review by: severino

The true power of Masters Hammer is in lyrics. That means that if you cant understand lyrics you cant understand Masters Hammer. And fact that YOU cant speek any slavonic language gives you no right to say that they are playing shits.

Review by: instru-mental

The first Blck Metal album I ever heard, and for me a masterpiece!!!! 15/10!!!!!

Review by: pepe

This is one of the greatest masterpieces of the second wave of Black Metal, if you can't understand this, go stuck Yourself in a hole without end.
To the review now, there are symphonic parts in it, very wisely made, the metal parts are an example of how to make great technical metal, a true lesson of music, the unique voice adds a very weird and dark atmosphere to it and the way He sings is a very special one(unlike other bands You can visualize a demon when hearing to this one), so to finalize there are no errors in this piece, from 0 to 100, 200!!!

Review by: ashnag

Hey! This is band from my country, however they
does not exist for a long time, I thing they were very
original, however anybody can say bizzare.
Especially vocals are unique, no chance hear the same
vocalwork elsewhere. Lyrics? hm, to me seems rather funny
and why not...
I am objective and I can say it is very good album.
If you want hear something original and unique, try this.
90% avantgardx

Review by: avantgardx

This is one of the best black metal albums. Jon Vendetta you must be stupid asshole to write such shitty review. It is not only fantastic music that makes this album outstanding. The lyrics are realy fantastic even today, and in the year 1992 it was something unbelievable. I love them

Review by: Satrapold

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