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The first Master's Hammer songs I ever heard were 'Cards Do Not Lie' and 'Geniove II' --from their EP-- on a metal radio show in my country, back in 1992. I was very impressed and I had someone to get the EP and this record for me. And then I was even more impressed. The power, technique, strength and black atmosphere of every song on this album are the trademark of the band. Another 'must have' for any Black Metal fan around.

Review by: Tezcat

Well, this one was one of the first true BM Masterpiece which I heard when I was at a early age. It got me like a thousand stabs and its one of the reasons for my redition to BM. Like the second album this one its a jewel of its time, and its a lesson of how to perform incredibly well one of the sickest styles of metal ever heard.
If Euronymous had the cash at that time this one would very likeable be a DeathLikeSilence recording with no doubt, unfortunately for him he did't got the cash and they released it from elsewhere. One great point in its favour its that they are on of the more influential bands ever in the blackest scene, and still, ten years later no one can be a clone of M.H..
Cheers to Them!

Review by: Ashnag

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