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Fast, screamy and atmospheric but yet original black metal. The sound is killer, also the vocals, the song and the lyrics. I just love it. Feels like floating in a wintry sky with only bleak coldness and sadness as companions.
Sadly the band split up after this release. They only managed to release "At the sight of the apocalypse dragon". The only thing that bothers me is the shitty layout in the CD-booklet, just crap. I wanna see forest, winter, cold, weapons and northern landscapes. The things that suites the music. Not some kind of fucking black/white voodoo doll!
Anyway, all fans of black metal should definitly purchase this piece of art.

Review by: winterspell

it's really great black metal in the vein of naglfar (vitra)fast, melodic, long songs that cool is something between naglfar(vitra), allegiance(blodornsoffer) and borknagar

Review by: blot

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