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Moonblood is one of those mythical bands which has only be heard by a minority of people, though it seems large numbers of metalheads have heard the name 'Moonblood' at least once. Certainly the fact that Moonblood only releases on tape and vinyl is one of the reasons ; another one is their releases are highly limited and you definitely can't get them from Nuclear Blast. Somehow it is better this way, though.

After a gloomy ambient intro decorated with bell rings and other, more strange sounds, we are greeted by 'Midnight', a trance-inducing, evil-sounding, very powerful song, of the kind few bands are capable. When you listen to 'Midnight', you're left wondering for a minute "now where have I heard this?" -- the shiny answer is easy : Burzum's 'Det som en gang var' is in the same trance-like vein, though even "worse" as far as trance is concerned. 'Midnight' will definitely remind you of Burzum, in any case.

As for the other tracks, this is the genuine Moonblood at work : raw, fast, mighty, evil black metal, though sorrowful at times (not in the gothic meaning of the word -- may we be shielded from these disgusting people), all this with the more-or-less noisy sound quality we've grown to love.

Remember this : Moonblood is a truly underground band, and a truly good band at that. Dimmu Borgir/Cradle of Filth fans : avoid, avoid, avoid (and die, if possible) ; most importantly : leave it to more deserving fans who do have some taste.

Review by: shub

So many people recommanded me this... And damn, what was I dissappointed! This is nothing more than average blackmetal, nothing special. To me, it seems that only Norwegians (with the exception of some Polish bands) can play good raw blackmetal.

Review by: Flix

This is awesome!! I really love Moonblood, specially this album! Raw but intense and melodic BM!! One of my favorites!! If you can get this, don't even think twice!

Review by: infernun666

moonblood is my favorit black metal band with Dissection !!

Review by: Nac

Moonblood and Dissection are the two best BM band !!
Moonblood is broken but Dissection will comeback in few time !! :-)

Review by: Nac

the best release i have heard from moonblood. this album is really great, especially the songs and snow covered the lifeless bodies and blut und krieg,the melodies are genious. the only mistake of this release is that sometimes the band repeats one riff a too long time and so it gets a little boring(althought in the 2 reminded songs it does not matter, because the atmosphere will get you!). i refer this album to all ugbm fanatics, but it is not very easy to get it as actually all their releases...

Review by: ancalagon

i felt a lil' bit disappointed after listening to this
i thought it was more particular stuff, while it's just a mix between some darkthrone,mid.era burzum and epic bathory
not bad but nothing marvellous
still cool voice!
6.5 outta 10

Review by: the fog

One of the very very very very very very best ( did I say the album was good?) The vocals are just amazing (very demonic) on this one, much better than countless rehearsals and the next album. The music is 100 % black metal, nevertheless I feel a kind of beauty within this rawness - a kind of passion that I've never experienced before. The melodies gathered with the drums create cold landscapes with endless battles in the snow. You can actually feel the blood dripping from your body on the white carpet. the snowstorm is raging again and again, a new hunger is coming up a hunger for their blood... and your own. Die with pride when listening to this album... amen!

Review by: uber ich

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