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I recently bought this LP from ebay, which normally I avoid simply because of the massive amount of Moonblood CD-R bootlegs, and the unbelievable prices of official releases (the last copy of Blut and Krieg I saw on there was sold for $250). But at a 'buy it now' of only $10, it seemed to be worth buying, even if it is a bootleg. Like "Hailing the Gods..." the quality is what one would expect from what seems to be a 4-track in Moonblood's studio (which I imagine is a dank basement), but the songs are still great.

However, this is not a release for those who are annoyed by the quality skips in early Moonblood releases/studio recordings. The best comparison is the Nosferatu demo - harsh quality, but well worth listening to for those who either enjoy that production, or can look past it. I am in the former group, the production suits the music - I would hate a Moonblood recording that had the overworked refinement of Dimmu's Deathcult Armageddon.

Review by: Zeroumus

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