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This is the best god damn album after wolfheart. It by far outways Ireligious no matter what some people may say. This is sheer metal hapiness and it is undoubtedly one of the best metal releases in 2003. Oh yes indeed , the wolves are back again. They somehow came back to the Wolfheart style , but in a more professional manner.These guys are good , they know their roots and they decided it is high time to make a forceful re-enetering into the pure Latin Metal. May the erhereal divine forces of the mixed GOOD and EVIL protect the knights of wolves and fullmoons. PRAISE MOONSPELL!

Review by: Lucinski

this album really impressed me, in fact, it's their best album since wolfheart, it's way heavier than darkness and hope

Review by: angelofdistress

For those who once said that Moonspell was boring,I advice you to listen to this terrific album. It is an excellent example of great metal music or if it is possible to say, rock music. Try also to find the disc with the book, the video and the bonus track. Believe me this the best Moonspell album ever.

Review by: lynxnoctis

moonspell is back from the hell... that´s certainly yhe most professional album of all. the antidote takes you to a self atmosphere of anger, sadness and psychologic terror like i never heard before. just perfect...

Review by: dark666

I think this is the best moonspell's perfect.

Review by: Vampyric

This band is fantastic, and the sound of that guitar just O_O fantastic, I have no words example, in “Everything Invaded” the first time I heard this song, I was like… “This album must be excellent”, And I have buy this album, and I have no regrets of buying it, because for me, is one of the best albums of moonspell ever, “In and above man” and “From lowering skies” these two songs, live, they are just… I have no words, to describe, how powerful these songs can be, and of course, “everything Invaded” does not stand in the back of these two songs, because, if you like this album... live, you will love it.

Review by: Rose Of Hell

Oh My Fucking God!!!!!!!!!
I got totally stunned when I first heard this album.
It blew me fucking away. Brilliant comeback.
Never thought Moonspell would ever be making an album better than Wolfheart, but they did.
10/10 Fot this one.

Review by: Ankrhim

This is the best MOONSPELL's album after Wolfheart and Irreligious! If you like mentioned two, you would surely enjoy also this one. I strongly recommend it. CARPE DIEM!

Review by: mbt13

I have been a die hard Moonspell fan since the "Serpent Angel" days but this album has everything I could truly ask for. It has the same old stuff but also new stuff. They have gone beyond their old boundaries and created a masterpiece. I highly recommend this album for fans of "Irreligious" and "The Butterfly Effect."

Review by: Leviticai

the antidoted is an album that can be played over and over again. It's an album that is worth the whole career of moonspell. After wolfheart and ireligious, moonspell experimented too find a new sound. Sin pecado, butterfly effects and DAP too me are seen as just projects of moonspell.
I think they suprised me with this album. And more people need to know about the antidote. i want to see them more on tv now , they deserve alot more. Moonspell never sounded better. I recommend this to anyone

Review by: lokimlin

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