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Darkness and hope is good, and its music is great. but the lyrics is not that good, the lyrics is weak, and this is my opinion.

Review by: iNfernum

It's not true! There are good lyrics like "Rapaces". But it's a question of wish what you expect.
And album is good. Moonspell plays what wants to play and that's good.

Review by: Adon

moonspells darkness and hope is mostly darkness. hard crushing melodic progressive and goth riffs with ample disstortion along with deep thraoted dark vocals that imerse one in a seemingly endless trance key boards composed
and intricetly weaved in and out of thumping bass balsts
and drums off the rickishay subject matter is eary centering
around a maze of spirts love fear betrayal lament and hope
some might be quick to judge the simple worded lyrics but
its the consept thats inriguing. the result portugals moonspells best offering to 8/10

Review by: bill

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