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The best Moonspell album ever... I'm proud to be Portuguese, and have a Portuguese band like moonspell to representate us.. 10/10

Review by: Vampyric

Hello, for me... irreligious is the continuation of Wolfheart, the same poetry, lyrics and music are similar, but everyone has is own style... Irreligious for me... is another masterpiece of Moonspell... genious!!!!... congratulations...

Review by: Northvisions

Another MOONSPELL's masterpiece! Most people compare it with Wolfheart and then says it not as good. But I think this album is so great as previous one. Thy style is very similar. Songs like OPIUM, For A Taste Of Eternity, Herr Spiegelmann or atmospheric FULL MOON MADNESS are simply superb!!! I was also very impressed with song called Raven Claws which was a kind of experiment with happy-end (in compare with Sin/Pecado). I strongly recommend this album. CONTINUE MOONSPELL!

Review by: mbt13

After an album like Wolfheart, Moonspell had a tough challenge ahead, to release another Gothic Metal masterpiece in order to keep their composition levels high-marked. I reckon they achieved it on a brilliant way. Despite being different from Wolfheart, which is the album that i like the most, i simply love this album, in both the lyrical and musical texture way. This was doubtless the best Moonspell's phase... Another 10/10

Review by: mournfuldusk

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