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Marvellous stuff!! Strong, powerful and again moving into the truest darkness of the Soul!!

Review by: freja

This album of moonspell again is something completely different. Almost no clean singing but almost only the growling. It's heavy, it's fast and it's actually kind of boring. I don't think it's as good as The Antidote. It's mainly dark heavy guitars with the growling. I kinda miss the clean vocals. Good songs are Finisterra(very fast song), Blood Tells(great guitarwork), Sanguine, Luna(beautiful female vocals) and Best Forgotten(wolfheart feeling).

Review by: Ankrhim

try to mix wolfheart feeling(yet more heavy ) with irrelegious atmosphere (a little darker) and u will find a close description of..(memorial)

Review by: Razeal

If we listen to moonspell in the early 90's this will be a good chance torealize that this album is the close one to what moonspell really plays.I believe this album is one of the best since wolf heart.

Review by: thyiris1

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