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Yyyeeuuuuurrgggghhhh! Splash! Aarrggkcchhhh! Drip,drip! Uaaaaarrrgh. Gasp, gasp. Bluuurrrggggh!
Sorry for that, I just heard that album again, and as usual, I had to vomit into the toilet immediately, as you may see above. BULLSHIT. If you already own this one (which can only be possible by a sad mistake), then flush it away and do yourself and your neighbors a favour.

Review by: necroking

necroking, I'm sorry to hear that you got fúcked up the áss one too many times while you happened to be listening to Sin Pecado. Well, no I'm not, because Sin Pecado is a great album. Sure, we're all entitled to our own opinions (as I just demonstrated), but perhaps you could take into consideration that hard work was put into the album. Moonspell isn't scared to step onto new ground, new sounds, so I don't see how you can talk shít about that action when they're just showing that they're free to express themselves in the way they want to. However, we have you, who would rather dictate where they stand and what our opinion is. Just so you know, I am not giving in to such idiocy. Some viewing this may say that I have in posting my thoughts, but hey, it needed to be done.

Review by: chickinscratch742

I consider myself a "DIE-HARD-FAN" of Moonspell and this album is pure crap , i consider it a slip to commercialism and bad instrumentalism. However I tend to think that Ribbeiro&Co. never thought they would get such negative criticism from their fans , I am absolutely sure they intended to create their ONE AND ONLY TRUE MASTERPICE. Unfortunately for them and for me the result of the process was a total failure. It has nothing to do with the pre-Wolfheart period. Although some would have me hanged for these words , i have to say that this album is strongly rooted in Irreligious (some would say a masterpiece , I don't). Maybe Ares'(one of the founders of the band) leaving had something to do with Monspell's lack of inspiration , who knows?
This album is only for those fans who are very much into soft metal or superficial gothic (i.e. late theatre of tragedy)
All in all: 5.5/10

Review by: Lucinski

it's a good album, but abit boring, it's very hard to listen to it entirely, the butterfly effect is much better than this one

Review by: angelofdistress

when i read the reviews i saw my first impressions about the album,i am a fan of moonspell beginning from the serpent angel.i ask myself why many times?why?people say sth about because of money,popularity time passes my thoghts changed.i think that i begin to feel or understand the lyrics,find meanings in words or feel the hidden emotions in the its my moonspell s favourite album.i hope u ll find what i each detail a world.....also the songs flesh,abyssmo the magnificent HANGED MAN they are nearly perfect.

Review by: LakeOfGhosts

I don't know what everybody is whining about. But Moonspell hasn't released any album wich sounded like anything they've done before. They're always roaming bounderies. Some don't work out to well, but that's no excuse to call them shit. Every album is a jewel on it's own. That some don't like it is their taste, but keep the dumbass shit for yourself.

Review by: Ankrhim

What a huge turd this is.
Listening to this is just a waste of time.

Get "Under the Moonspell" instead, that's worth checking out.

Review by: Hardboiled

This CD is actually my favorite (well tied with Wolfheart). This CD is on constant repeat in my stereo. A must buy.

Highlight Tracks: Handmade God, 2econd Skin, Vulture Culture, Magdalene, E666R666O666T666I666C666A, and Decadence

Review by: Leviticai

This cd is one of the most beautiful, hypnotic cd's ever created. Moonspell is truly the most underated band, cause there surely much better than the shit they put on headbangers ball and other music television crap! Anyways like i said this cd is really melodic and puts you in a different world, but does not stay true too the real moonspell that started out from wolfheart. This cd is truly beautiful work of art, but some of you might find that it may be too soft for moonspell. I think they should have put some heavier tracks in it, but at least they dont suck when they get slow unlike some other bands.(slipknot....) They like to experiment and it worked. The cd is worth magdalene, well go buy it already!

Review by: lokimlin

Moonspell-Sin/Pecado...Worst Moonspell album.That album is not like Moonspell album.

Review by: FindMyDevil

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