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supreme vampiric black metal

Review by: midvinter2

Tremendously emotional gothic metal, superbly played and arranged. There are no excesive moments here, just what it is needed to make a glorious listen. I think Wolfheart represents Moonspell at their very best, mixing equal parts the grimness and the dark romantic side that is so characteristic of them.
The soprano vocals on "An Erotic Alchemy" are just perfect, and lyrically, the poetry never had been better and never was like that again. And of course, there is the epic nationalism of one of the best black metal songs ever composed: Alma Mater.

Review by: punkiller

Hello... just simple... ¨Wolfheart¨ is the most big masterpiece in the history of gothic dark metal (or what you want call it), it has´nt comparation, is unique, all songs, the poetry of your lyrics, the monumental inspiration of Fernando Riveiro makes this album a extraordinary art.... for me... the best...

Review by: Northvisions

this is my fav moonspell album. it's great, epic, it reminds me of the vikings sometimes. it's really impressive, all the songs are perfect. it even reminds me of lord of the rings! best songs: alma mater, tebraruna, wolfshade, the whole album is perfect. it's a mustbuy, you have no idea what youre loosing if you dont hear this cd

Review by: angelofdistress

let me start with the positive things I can say about it....
It have got a wery nice atmosphere, quite gloomy and somewhat beautyful. Sometimes I will even call it romantic!
so the music is great, thats the good thing......
but what pisses me off is the singer. I gues it's a question about taste if you like him......but I find him extreamly irritating, actuly I haven't heard a singer from a metal band who have made me this irritated and it's sad because it takes some of the "charm" from the band
so I can't give this album more than 7/10

forgive me for my spelling mistakes (I'm from Denmark)

Review by: Cemetery fog

Wolfheart really caught my heart! ;-) It is thy best of MOONSPELL's albums. It is quite different from previous ones (which I alo like) but thy change was excellent!!! Wolfshade, ...Of Dream And Drama, Trebaruna, Vampiria are great but ALMA MATER is incredible brilliant! Digipak bonus Ataegina is also very good. Conclusion: If you like MOONSPELL you should have this album in your collection!

Review by: mbt13

Masterpiece of dark/gothic metal. Hail the werewolves, brilliant compositions and a gloom atmosphere. A must have for all the goth souls
Alma Mater!!!

Review by: mournfuldusk

I am a very VERY big fan of Moonspell. I've seen them live verytime they've been in California, own all CDs and this CD is probably their best. It has something for everyone. It is a must buy for Moonspell fans.

highlight track: ALMA MATER

Review by: Leviticai

this the moonspell that i'd prefer..
hell yeah.. the best by far...
melodic vampyric goth black metal..

Review by: imranzain79

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