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This album (and whole band) is an absolute shit!!!

Review by: vandall

WOOOOOWWWWWW.... This album is fucking heavy. I really like this! One of the best grind/gore-core bands ever. Brutal, Violent, Splattering... I have no good words to describe this masterpiece exact. One of my favorite bands! And one of my favorite albums...

Review by: Flix

mortican is well known for its extreamly over modulated bass
disstortion riffing wich this album is proud to not only restae but amplify the fortay of will roger and an asortment of studio equitment built on manufacturing as many tracks as they can until they run out of horror movies to use for the intro of the short timed songs or until they
run out of rycyceled riffs that cant be decifered behind the
distortion. but if you merly want an album to blow your speakers piss off the neighbors wake your parents give you
nightmares and intros to laugh your ass off at than this is
a killer album of horror metal loud and heavey as a freight train. 8/10

Review by: bill

Defenitly A kick ass CD, bought it last year and couldnt be happier with it! true brutal death/grind here, cannot go wrong, once again blazingly fast riffs, distorted bass lines, low low vocals, heavy as all hell! Great Cd.

Review by: REFLEX

I've discovered Mortician with this album (the 2nd song, what a shock !!!), but looking back it's really not a good one. 6/10 (for the intros which I like a lot on this one)

Review by: ratus

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