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This album is very brutal and i don't think
many would like this, but its so bloody brutal
and sick it's almost hard to listen to,
it's a pefect soundtrack for a movie
like Texas Chainsaw Masssecre.

Review by: darkprince

Intersting pile of womit, but Im not sure if I could still call it "music". Finally, why not? The chainsaw could be also used as the musical instrument.
However, it could be good as the background sound for making love, Ill have to ask my girlfriend...... :-)

Review by: wranimir

This is most definitely Mortician's best album! I remember when I heard this band for the first timem I thought it was worthless crap. I thought it was very funny, though, because of the utterly ridiculously sounding hyperfast computer-programmed drums. But after a while you get used to it, just as you get used to the lowest tuned guitars you have ever heard in the death metal scene. The vocals are very low, very sick, but most of all very brutal. In general one can say that Mortician is one of the most brutal metal bands on earth, but because of simple structures and a drum-computer, also one of the tightest. What makes this album different from later albums like "Chainsaw Dismemberment" and "Domain Of Death", is first of all the production. Melodies are easily audible, but it doesn't affect the brutality. And second of all, and actually the most important argument, the songs are simply better. There are some amazing melodies and some very cool rhythm on this CD. So, if you like brutal death metal and if you aren't offended by brutal samples coming from horror-movies, you should definitely give this band a chance. And if you don't belong to this group, you should too. I bet you can have a good laugh about it now and then...

Review by: Hakkende Harry

This IS their best one. Such old songs as Mortician and Necrocannibal have here the good sound they deserve. And there are such classics as Witches coven which one of their best songs ever.

Review by: ratus

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