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the best Mortician album, just great, especially the songs later written for the album, song 6-10.
A good album, i think the quality of the music is getting worser every album after ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

A very good, fast, and gory album. The only thing that leaves me in dismay is the sound clips from various movies, they take away from the song. But also add a storyline of some sort. Either way, a good album, but too short.

Review by: KamiKazeKrieg

I'm not fond of this one, the sound is really bad you don't quite understand what's happening, and the songs itself are less inspired than usually. 5/10

Review by: ratus

this makes all of their newer releases sound like utter crap
the sound clips are better as well, and the music is death as fuck, brutally heavy, changing from slow to fast over and over with neanderthal grunts and abyss-tuned bass

Review by: fosvart

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