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I donít know what to say about Mortician except that is not one of my favorite bands, but donít get me wrong, I love death metal, I just think that the 90% of the time, Death metal sounds very complex and nothing good will come from two men project. One of the bad ideas on this album is precisely the silliness of the drum machine and the very poor production work. I think my friend vocalist and bassist Will Rahmer and guitarist drum machine programmer Roger Beaujard wonít be disagree with me for this time. Not recommended for Limp Bizkit fans.

Review by: Zamzack

Soory, but this album is quite ok for me. And I was sure that precisely it was the only one with a real drummer... It's maybe even more gloomy than the following albums...

Review by: ratus

mortician is unigue band no one can play like them-never

Review by: iudicium

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