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One of the better albums of Mortician, in my opinion.
After a few nice albums they come back with a brutal new album. The song Hell On Earth contains a little sample from the movie Hellraiser I.
I think this is really one of their better albums especially Hell On Earth kick ass !!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Good album, title trackis the best. Songs 5 - to - 10 have a much worse sound. Less bass. Too bad.
7 of 10

Review by: euronydead

Zombie Apocalypse is one of Morticians best Cd's Id like to think, every song is so brutal, the samples are great, vocals are just deep as hell and couldnt get any more guttural. This is a MUST for any Mortician fan.


Review by: REFLEX

Alot like House By The Cemetary. Id say that the best songs on this album is Hell On Earth and FOD. Like House By The Cemetary, Zombie Apocalpyse adds movie sound clips, which take away from the actual musik length, for example, Hell On Earth would be a very long song but half of it is sound clips from Hellraiser. Still a good album, but again, not very long.

Review by: KamiKazeKrieg

This one has long been my favourite, especially the 5 first ones. But I've listened to it again recently, and i've been disapointed, especially by the drum machine. But at least for Slaughterhouse, Zombie Apocalypse and Hell on Earth, it deserves 8/10

Review by: ratus

This album is good.I have the Morticians "Hacked Up For Barbecue" and "Zombie Apocalypse" in on cd.Songs like "Bloodcraving","Cremated","Inquisition"," Necrocannibal","Witches Coven","Worms","Zombie Apocalypse" and "Blood Harvest" are best sampels of brutal music.Cover art is Behind the scenes!

Review by: Disgust

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