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This Album is one Mortiis best albums Ever!
Everything you need to hear from him, you can find on this album

A Clear 10!!! Vote Now!

Review by: Peter6_66

This is actually his second release (Third if you count the demo). Very beautiful album artwork, as well as the music. I think that this one stands out the most out of his entire collection. When I listen to it I imagine myself on a mountain, for some odd reason. Translates to ...."Journey to the Center of the Mind". I think the translation is wrong, but that's what someone told me.

Review by: Hagnar

This is a really good album and the fact the songs are so long is great! Because theyre both excellent! This is for true Mortiis fans.

Review by: Mansonite

"There are some fans of early and middle(yes) 90's black metal fans, that liked also the fourth track of Hvis Lyset Tar Os... I know that and i'll make an album for them"

this could have been a thought of Mortiis if Vond did never exist and if deep inside himself knew that there was not a way, some years after, for someone to compare his music with some ambient "non-metal" classics..

i've never been in Norway and when Mortiis wrote this album i was too young to have a "serious" opinion on it...

i only know this: this album sounds the way that Mortiis should have tried to experience more...

if you are into minimal ambient there are not many ways to not like this album..

for me it's 7,5/10

Review by: carheart

Best mortiis album, this is mortiis as his absolute top.
Filled with heathen feelings, perfect.

and Hagnar, that translation is completely fucked up.
I would translate it to something like "the spirit who made revolt" im sure that there are better translations than this.

Review by: bödeln

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