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An intense opus of massive proportions containing everything from beautifully orchestrated choirs of euphony to groovy remix beats in Captured in Crystal!

Review by: fenriz

This is great ! If you have a bit of imagination, You can even hear the trolls run in the halls of their caves. Good job Mortiis !

Review by: ratus

This is good music, just as atmospheric as it can be.
Well done Mortiis!

Review by: bödeln

I absolutly LOVE this album. My band HellTown ( credits this album as one of musics most influential (even though it's not). It is a masterpiece. For those who don't have it... get it!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Hagnar

Mortiis is one of the masters of imagery in music. He has an uncanny ability to liven ones imagination through music and this is one of his albums where it came through brilliantly.

Review by: bmik

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