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His first peice may seem abit boring and breeds amautership but when you give it a few spins a whole new world will reveal it self. However simplistic it´s the feeling that counts, Mortiis survives on the atmosphere his able to create. There´s a pattern in the music, built on very much repetition, and it makes sense you fall in some kind of trance( mortiis knows how to work his way in to your head). The soundscape is doomy, sad, cold and full of natures mysticism. This kind of music appeal to us scandinavians who can relate to the nature perspective. A masterpiece...

Review by: Hellhamerrr

This was the first solo-record of Mortiis. I must say that this album includes something very unique atmosphere! The first thing I wandered of this album, was that there are only two very long songs in this album. I bought this album about year ago, and first I was pretty disapponited about this album, but when I listened it couple of times I really started to like it. Especially Fodt til å herske pt.1 is very good song. This album have gave me chills many times when I have listened this, especially at nights. I almost see myself at the pond with two swans, as in the front-cover of the album. This album needs time to listen it, and you have to be dedicated to these songs in some degree. I almost love this album! This is great album and I like to listen it, when I'm starting to sleep. Just listen to it and let my mind drift...

Review by: Arkku

Following some good reviews of this CD I found on the Web, I bought this from eBay in one of those spur of the moment actions you have after a bottle of wine and a late night.

And the result - well, mixed to be honest. This is a good CD if you are a patient listener and are willing to invest the time in letting Mortiis get into your head, but it does take a few spins to fully achieve this I suspect.

For me, although the general content of the music was sound, the casio-esque keyboards were too repetitive and too amateurish to hold my attention for sustained periods. Perhaps I didn't do the CD justice, perhaps it doesn't do itself justice - I don't know.

What I do know is that when I resold it on eBay it made me a profit, and there were no shortage of bidders. Clearly, this release has a reputation out there and I'm certainly not going to malign it because it's not to my taste....

...but - if you buy it, be prepared to have to work at it!

Review by: dai

Ok, here is how it goes.... you get a CD (or vinyl) taht has this guy on the cover that has a Viking helmet on and a huge ass nose... you think that you are getting the next Blast Beat sensation... WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! YOu are getting the beginning of a long journey. I relate to this album, because every time I listen to it I feel more free to myself. I don't drink or do drugs, and this album releases me from everything. I also feel VERY cold when I listen to it.... so just like the title translates to english... MortIIs is "BORN TO RULE". Yes, "Fodt Til A Herske" translates to "Born to Rule"... I think.

Review by: Hagnar

"Født til å Herske" is the first Mortiis' album. It is made up of two lenghty songs. "Født til å Herske pt.1" has lots of great melodies and defines the trademark of the Era 1 (including Mortiis' works till "The Stargate"): a melancholic and atmospheric dark ambient, which shows a great sensibility in expressing the artist's inner feelings through a dreaming soundscape of his very soul. "Født til å Herske pt.2" is more repetitive and monotonous, but it does not detract the value from this piece of music: even if slightly inferior to the first part, it creates a great atmosphere anyway, especially if you are listening to this magic symphony at night... At the end of the song there are also some spoken vocals.
"Født til å Herske" is a great debut album, a spontaneous symphony for those who seek a spiritual music to find an inner I.
My rating: 94 out of 100

Review by: Maeror

This was the third Mortiis album I ever baught. I had never heard of ambient music prior till this album. This album gave me the feel of being all alone in the woods and it really connected with me well. The music is great and like I previously said it is very dark and gloomy. I started my collection with parisite god and have found that album to be the most inspiring and life changing, but at the same time i really enjoy this album, but for a diffrent and deeper reason.

Review by: haveen lure

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