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OOOnoooo, well all the former heroes has turned thier back to black metal or in this case dark dungeon in favor of money and mortiis followed that trend now playing marilyn manson inspired synthgay "music". well fuck off and goodbey mortiis!!! ther is only one word for it: pathetic. By the way there is an old saying that goes like this; you shouldnīt stick your nose where it doesnīt belong, mortiis did just that an what a long nose that man got.

Review by: hellhamerrr

At first I was just shocked Mortiis would go in that direction...But after I listened to it more I realized it was awsome. While not as good as his last releases it's still good. It's definetly one of my favorite CD's. But if you absolultly must have a Mortiis CD, get The Stargate first.

Review by: Mofodopo

when at the first time i connected with mortiis music style, i enjoyed that too much ! the albums like crypt of wizards and stargate are realy dark and mystic albums. with grim voices and dark atmospheres that mortiis used for his albums ! mortiis makes me a unknown feeling that i search that feelings many times ! but after his latest album smell of the rain lets talk about DJ MORTIIS. yes, his new album in only for gay boys and bitch girls those who dancing in the discoteque !!!!!!!! mortiis died forever...but he can rise up again if he return to his old majestic music period. NEW MORTIIS SUX !!!!!!
rating: 0/10

Review by: demafire

You narrowminded moron's... this is really a kick-ass CD. Go wander in the woods with some corpse-paint on your pigface and a flag in your hand, think of evil spirits, kill some faggots, burn some churches, and please be so goddamn evil that you fuck off from this website... Internet isn't evil...
Mortiis is someone to respect... I like evolutions in a bands history/discography. I'll be one of the few!

Review by: Flix

The smell of the rain?...If thatīs true, the rain has turned to SHIT!,cause The lord of the creatures from the dark has made a dance cd.IT SUCKS!!!.

Review by: blackeon

Well this album is marilyn manson inspired synth pop shit MTV music! Flix you have right i think you are one of the shoosen few so fuck you! hails ti hellhammerrr!

Review by: tompa88

Mock Flix again and I'll make stew out of you, Tompa 88.

This isn't so bad. Though "the Stargate" was better.

Review by: Punisher

Well... I wasn't a Mortiis fan before I've heard this CD, and I am not a Mortiis fan now. But if you are somebody, who likes electronic music just a bit, maybe you'll love this album. Because I must say: this CD is perfect. The whole songs are strong, the feeling of them is great. I know that The Stargate was totally another kind of music. I think this CD is a little bit of NIN, a little bit of Enigma, a little bit of David Bowie... Mortiis can make music. I understand all the fans who hate this CD. It's just different kind of music, and in this genre this album is great. Some people can find fantasy in this piece. For the style-change maybe I must give it 6-7/10, but it wouldn't be equitable.

Review by: Norddh

First of all, I do like some Industrial, i do like some EBM, i do like some IDM, and i even like some Synth Pop.
Oh dear, this is perhaps one of the most un-original albums ever. I can see why some people who were into old Mortiis would not like this, because its a totally different style, and i can see how some people not into old Mortiis would like it, as its easy listening stuff. What i cant understand is why people into Metal (and old Mortiis) think its so good. No offense to Flix, but you sound like some Metal guy who has never heard anything other than Metal. It's not just people being narrow-minded who are only into Metal that dislike this album - its people with some fucking taste, as The Smell of Rain is SHIT.
80% of the songs have the same tone, which i guess may become a Mortiis trademark like say, a Metal band having a certain production/guitar tone - but this doesn't work in electronic music, else the music just ends up sounding all the same, there's too much scope in electronic music to have a trademark like that.
Mortiis' vocals are poor, he sounds like an old man (which he is maybe trying to do), there doesn't seem to be any emotion in his voice, its too monotonous.
The music rips off a heap of bands in the Electronica/EBM/Synth Pop genre. One song reminds me loads of the original Blue Monday (by New Order) and there are countless peices similar to Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, and NIN.
There are some good thing's about the album, i think Mortiis may be able to do a decent album in this style if he finds some originality, but at the moment i feel the only people he appeals to are: 1.) People into Metal who have never listened to any decent electronic music in their life, and just bought this because it was Mortiis. 2.) People who live for this style of music and dont give a crap if its original or not. and lastly 3.) -15yr old goth kids who think he is cool and original because the only stuff they ever hear is usually on the radio. Personally, i can often ignore some originality in Metal (because its the genre i like the most), but i cant with this. 4/10.

Review by: Gompo

Mortiis, why are you doing this to us who just to like you`r nice synth, doomy landscape pagan music, and now techno?? what has happend with mortiis... If a guy is inspired by artists like moby and anastacia then you know it`s down hill... well, well... it would have happend sometime i guess... HEIL EKTE NORSK SVARTMETALL!!!!

Review by: passkukk

What the fuck happened to Mr.Mortiis????
This Smell Of Rain is a big and nasty piece of shit...
Mortiis!! You have to go back in time and make more albums like The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost... this new album... ufff SHIT!

Review by: Nocturno Fenriz

Well. Mortiis has really changed the music. You have to like this music for it is and not expect it to be something it is not. This does not sound to me like marilyn manson at all. This flows really nicely and sounds more on the lines of covenant. COnsidering they are still not mainstream and not many ppl have heard of them, even where im from, they arent necisarily sellouts. THey just got different inspirations etc.

Anyways this is a great album. Songs like Parasite God are amazing. Dont vote them on what they used to sound like but what they are now.

Review by: SatansChild

What a change !! But after the surprise, it's not so bad. Funny !!

Review by: ratus

this mortiis cd kicks fucking ass i love it. it is of my opinion the best of mortiis's work if you just started listening to mortiis i strongly recoment this cd to you.

Review by: mutil8

This CD kicks ass,BUT not as much as the Stargate. I liked his darker period better. This CD sounds alot like Nine Inch Nails or David Bowie, But like I said darkness is better then 80's goth dance. He should rework back to the crypt/stargate sounds

Review by: EarthPentacle

Mortiis... I like this guy, he never stopes, he is not at a standstill, he can changes in very different way. He is professional and talented musician and he knows what really is the progress..progress of music..and it is what he is doing. All his albums are great and every in its own way.

When I heard The Smell of Rain, I was very struck,'cos in this album I feel Mortiis sorrow, pain, solitude..he thinks that his soul is deserted, because people betrayed him..he is alone and he is trying to find something true.. His songs are about his real experience, this album is very emotional...

Music is very interesting, from rhythmical to calm..very hard to describe style, there are something from electro-industrial, something from dark ambient, something from gothic and something other..and Mortiis voice really charms..

So, I like The Smell of Rain!

Review by: Overtredelse

MAN! This is a ridiculously bad CD. As soon as I played this I couldnt withstand it any longer. I threw this shit out the window and bye bye it went into the realms of pathetic "music" HAHA!

Review by: xsadistichatex

OK, what the hell! The all mighty beaked one did a 180 on us!!!! Not too bad, it's a bit of a suprise, though. Not too much singing, but alot of talking, kind of like...dare i say it... rap, but not exactly. I would have enjoyed it more if there was MORE singing, and if there where MORE guitars. The new album makes this one look like baby poop.
But if you look and listen very well, it still has the old era Mortiis flavor to it (note the same synth sounds as on all of his records).

Review by: Hagnar

Well well... what do we have here.. that's a difficult situation because i like his older releases.. this album is not the worse i've ever heard, but it's just an easy listening experience, with fake-goth and industrial pieces not good enough to make you feel "safe" having "The Smell of Rain" and not ALL the Godflesh albums for example...

If this album was total shit, it would be easy to just throw it away and goodbye Mortiis and his new "music is ok, but i need money" way of thinking and making music..

The strange thing is that sometimes i listen to this album when doing other things around.. And once i heard it with no specific reason, just because i wanted this sound to fill me ears

The stranger think is that sometimes i don't "feel quilty" having this album

The bad think is...that the music there is no good :/

5/10 for me (only because it's Mortiis...)

Review by: carheart

I've been a Mortiis fan for a long time now and yes i and i do love his Era 1 stuff the most. But when you think about it this guy has the balls to try different things, he tried his synthpop(Era 2) and by the looks of it many are disapointed about his change in music but SoR wasn't a bad album. One thing though i don't think Mortiis liked the outcome of his Era 2 and thats why he's already changed his music style to industrial for his new Era 3. In all's worth its not the best synthpop cd i've ever heard but its not the worst one ever either... 7/10

Review by: HexedAngel

I like it a lot.
I just don't give a shit if it's popsynth music or sockelectrowannabe music. I take it for what it is, and it sounds good indeed.

Review by: Vampyric

This album is amazing. Its a shame so many people are too narrow minded and ignorant to appreciate Mortiis's development. He done the whole dark dungeon thing, he done it well, and he chose to move in a new direction and no one has any right to stop him doing so.

Mortiis has never sold out, he has never gone against his own principles. He has always had an interest in industrial and EBM. He would of been musically limited after a while if he continued Era 1, and given he lost interest in that style of music it would of inevitably gone downhill if he had continued.

Mortiis inspirations are clear on The smell of rain, but there still remains a unique style similar to Era 1. it is not as professional as the Grudge, but its definitly more professional than previous albums. As much as I love Era 1, I also love the way Mortiis succesfully developed into Era 2 and wasnt scared to change.

This album makes great use of drums and guitars as well as synths, and songs such as Parasite God and Smell the witch have a great dark sound, combined with brilliant choruses which allows a wider audience to appreciate his music. Opposed to era 1, which was definitly an aqquired taste.

I understand, not everyone will like this album, but when you say you dont like this album because he developed from Era 1 your just being ignorant and childish. If you were a real Mortiis fan in the first place, you would have more respect for Mortiis choices.

Review by: antimental

we may all be wrong and his last albums could be masterpieces,maybe they need more listening.
but,i would very much like to hear a new release sounding like the first mesmerising and magical albums
i think that the guys in his band are dragging Mortiis down


Review by: passinghorse

LoL has mortiis changed recording company or is this pure shit just like the grudge ? Yes this is shit !. This album is not worth 1/10 ... 0/10 !.
No positive thing I can say. I dont like when a band I thought was serious just change music style Ījust like thatĪ :(

Review by: gustav_

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