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Greeting to Mortiis and Sarah. Great music and great atmosphere..This is surely a masterpiece!

Review by: Zagule

Yet another beautiful work of art by the god of melodic bombastic ochestrated marvel. Praises to Mortiis and Sarah!

Review by: fenriz

Try having sex during mortiis it rules....

Review by: mooz

i was let down... sarah is singing all the time.. we don`t need no singing... hails to mortiis, not sarah


Review by: passkukk

This album is far more worked on than the former albums. Still it has lost a bit of its magic

Review by: ratus

The Stargate is a masterpiece, this dark and gloomy music is just flowing over you.. Epic.

Review by: Prevail

I think that its just annoying with the female singing, its destroying the atmosphere, completely.

Irrespective of that, this is a good album, i like his earlier albums though...

Review by: bödeln

Remember when I said I like MOST of this guys stuff, well, this one I particularly don't care for. Sara is a great singer... in Cradle of Filth... She butchered the album. I mean, Mortiis wanted singing, but he didn't want to sing himself. But who knew that she would sound like that.... The music is Mortiis all the way if you take the voices out and throw them in the garbage disposal, but with her singing, it sounds like a Lorena McKennet album, rather than a Mortiis album.

Review by: Hagnar

I cannot fault this album at all! When I heard this it totally blew me away. Especially to think of the commercial stuff he's dishing out now. This truly is in a league of it's own taking the listner on a journey unlike any other.
I have no problems with the female vocals either, it just adds another layer to the musical tower that is Mortiis's music and sets it apart from his earlier material (not that I'm not a fan of his earlier work mind you).

This is truly a work of inspiration, imagination and atmosphere. Let it lead your imagination! (if you have one)

Review by: Gavius

Wel...what can i say about one of my favourite albumes?...It has a very distinctive touched me deep inside. if you close your eyes you can see the world of Mortiis....It is clearely a step ahead from the other releases before it. Mortiis ruuules!

Review by: omulcarevorbestecuploaia

This album could have got a good rating if:
1. Put an apple in Sarahs mouth.
2. Skip all weired circus-influenced parts. (Sometimes I even think it is a fucking indian playing flute)
This album is way too influenced of other music it makes it bad.
the only thing that keeps this fire alive is the really good rythmic in the music.
Though this is not an album I´m ready to purchase..

Review by: gustav_

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