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The fourth full-length album of this Swedish black metal quartet. After the Mighty Sheol, Naglfar really had a difficult job to top that one. They can really be satisfied with this new album, because its technically better than ever, and this also is the first album to me which doesn't contain any boring song on it.
The music is kind of a mix between later Dark Funeral and Dimmu Borgir (Enthrone...era).
Vocals are quite sick for such a modern sounding black metal band, which is surprising me in a good way!
The guitars have a really nice old school sound in some riffs. Solo's are more then average what makes this album exciting and not as boring as the most new or upcoming modern black bands.
Basic instruments, are guitars, bass and drums, keyboards are more used secondary, to bring some dark epic atmospheres, but even in the parts they don't use the keyboards they can call up some quite dark/twisted atmosphere's, especially thanks to Kristoffer Olivius sick and twisted vocals, i think he is deffinately one of the better black metal vocalists.
Oh yeah... the digipack of this album will contain a quite nice bonus track called The Calling Blaze (5min) i think its not of the same quality the rest of the songs are but its still quite nice. I think these guys have made it quite difficult in the Dimu Borgir camps, cause it will be difficult for them to top such an album as this, but with this album Naglfar proves that they are deffinately one of the leading bands in the brutal/melodic blackmetal scene!


Review by: khold666isgreat

here we are..the 4th full lenght album of naglfar!after jens ryden left the band, someone tought the naglfar would have become a weacker band..but obviously it's not the truth!!I sincerly admit that pariah it's not their best album(wich in my opinion is "Sheol"!!)but it's a very very good album:it follow the style of "Sheol", but I think it's not as powerful as is predecessor.It contains slower songs and more melodic parts, god solos and great vocals:Kriss in fact is a great screamer(not as strong as Jens but...)and fills the empty space at vocals with energy and anger.The cd contains fantastic songs like "Spoken worlds of vemon", "Revelation carved in flesh" and (probably my fovourite) "And the world shall be your grave" wich probably will soon become frequents songs of live track-lists.If you are waiting for a second "vittra" must still wait, but if you like "Sheol" you must appriciate "Pariah". 9/10

Review by: HelvetE

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