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This is the 3rd full-length album by Sweeden's Naglfar. It has been a long time between drinks but they seemed to have not lost their touch. This album is superbly crafted out of black metal with melodic rhythms and should be picked up and listened to by any black metal fan. The ablbum is a little short could have desparately need an extra track or two... but what it lacks in length is made up by pure evilness as described by the title of the album, Sheol (meaning "hell" in hebrew).

MrdRdtHkiL: 8.5/10

Review by: MrdRDthKil

this is the third album from swedish death/black gods naglfar..this album is less melodic than early albums but still heavy and evil as hell and rydn's voice is better than ever..the lyrics and the melodies are awsome as always tracks like abysmal descent can realy show how good is this album a must have for any melodic death/black fan

Review by: dyingforlove

track number 7 is unleash hell..That is exactly what Jens Ryden and the other bend members do on this album.
Brutal, Nearly rupturing eardrums, and extremely vicious.
This album is well..brutality in it's purest form.and Thank Naglfar for unleashing it!

Review by: Infernal

This is excellent black album, and naglfar's best, and this album in top ten ever for me. Yeah melodic but melodies are dark, excited and fast. Dissection fans must listen this.

Review by: saboath

Naglfar - Sheol

Another album from the Swedish black metallers "Naglfar".
I looked forward too hearing this album and now i've finally got the chance.

The opus starts with "I Am Vengeance". A relatively fast song, with hard drums and
hateful lyrics. The guitars are in the typical style of Naglfar with tremelo's and all
the works ... quite a good opener.

After this we move on to "Black God Aftermath", which is the all but the silence
after the storm. With hard and powerful vocals and pumping drums which keep it all
going. This battering ram is then even more powered up by guitars which form
the actual melody on tip of this massive foundation.

The 3rd song follows directly on the piano outro on "Black God Aftermath".
It's not as fast as it's preceder, but still nice with tempo and mood variations.

Then the fourth track already of this work arrives, again not such a fast work but
quite variated in the guitars. And keyboard like guitars (in the typical Naglfar style)
with crescendo's, and another piano enhance this nice work even more. Naglfar really seems
to succeed in creating the atmosphere obtained by bands with 2 guitars and a keyboard,
while they only have 2 guitars. Nice work guys !

Then the track bearing the name of the band, "Devoured By Naglfar". It starts out with
some technical guitars and goes forth with a fast drums and following guitars.
Jens Ryden shows his lyrical talent in this work by describing the ship "Naglfar",
and by preforming these lyrics with great energy.
Later the nice and technical guitars return, and along go the fast drums, and then
as fast as it begun it ends.

And with the element of surprise on its side, the song "Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft"
starts, with the greatest energy in the album so far. Again Jens Ryden shows his poetic
talent. This song also seems to break the continuity on the album by adding piano's in a
different way, and by changing the roles between guitars and drums. Just like "Black God
Aftermath" this song jumps out from the rest by being just that little bit different.
This song is also shorter then the rest.

Another work that starts a wave of revolution on the album. This is a fast song that shows
lyrics really early and a solo too put the vocals to rest for a moment. the title
"Unleash Hell" is a really fitting description since this is so far the most variated
song on this disc, even without the blast-beat (which makes this even more different
from the rest).

Then after the energy of "unleash hell" comes even more energy from the pandemonium.
The "Force Of Pandemonium" shows technical guitars not exactly like other songs, but
more in the style of death metal. And once a great symphonic passage comes along,
and then once more a fast intermezzo of drums and guitars working together.

And finally in the style of symphonic black metal, an orchestral outro. Very atmospheric,
it keeps making me take of my headset to listen if there's something knocking on my door.

And that marks the ending of this great opus. To conclude this review, i'd like to say that
Naglfar is a very talented group of people who don't stick their lyrics to just norse
mytholigy but to other beliefs, which seperates their lyrics from others.
This album is also less melodic, but therefore not inferior ! The only negative comment
to this is that it sounds to repetitive sometimes, but just keep listening and it'll be
over in a few seconds !
Great album, a definite must buy for someone who would like to hear something that's not
like other stuff !!!

Review by: Mrke Morgl

nothing better after diabolical just extreme black metal with great guitar work, great vocals

Review by: blot

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