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This band is technically proficient, blazing fast, and gnashing "brutal". They really "ride the line" between death and black metal, possessing key traits of both: the death metal guitar riffs and breaks, the distinct lack of "major harmonies" and "chord sawing" so common in black metal - yet they have a screech vocal, and hyperfast drums like in black metal, along with "satanic" content so commonly found in that realm. A cross between the fastest of Morbid Angel's work with that of a darker band, such as Dissection, would probably be a reasonable approximation of their sound. They are however, original, sounding like neither - they are fast, and refreshing. Recommended.

Review by: langsdorff

This is so called death/black metal, but it has an own sound and can not be compared to all sucky dissection clones. It can take a couple of listenings before you get the greatness of this album, but excellent material with fantastic melodies which sometimes sounds influenced by heavy metal. Very good musicians with very good drumming and an outstandig tightness. The vocals are a little annoying though, but overall a great album.
Strongly recommended to every Dissection death/black metal that wants something new and fresh.

Review by: Sombre

Simply the best black metal album ever released

Review by: Vogarnth

Can be short about this one.
A must have!
Brutal compositions, brutal riffs, brutal Lyrics.
Splendid work.

Review by: Infernal

This an perfect very missing if you love sweden black metal music dont have this classic.masterpiece!

Review by: Beyto

a masterpiece you can feel the harmony between all the instruments, they are really great musicians, this is other album that should be in all the black metal collections

Review by: blot

I think its the only Naglfar album that is a must. Vittra is the best BM ballad along with a song Opus Nocturne of Marduk. Awesome song. Get this.

Review by: Mac

Great release and never topped by this Swedish horde. Perfect blend of death and black metal with insane vocals by the mighty Jens Ryden. One of the top 5 melodic death/ black metal albums! Must have!

Review by: Dennis666

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