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Come back after years...
No, not great
Yes - this album is good (and no more)
But it's not great
It has nothing that used to be on "Thresholds" and "The Key"
At least not much
And I don't know why
Maybe it's just the times? - nobody now playes such music...
I don't know how to rank this album so I won't do it... but it CAN'T be 10/10

Review by: Mik

well, this is one hell of a disappointment. after a couple of nice albums on this one's nothing left of the glory from the earlier releases. the band sounds uninspired and the Star-Trek-nerdish approach is simply annoying, while it didn't bother me on the previous recordings.

about the production; to cut a long story short, it's bollocks. the guitar is far too underproduced and the solo's all have their own sounds, instead of having some consistancy in them. the drums are allright, but nothing special. and within all the mid-tempo paced riffs, the vocals are, well, nothing special. i guess that's the way to note this album: nothing special. no sir.

Review by: astathica

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