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If you liked "The Key" which was a kick-ass slab of technical pioneering death metal, then this will have you salivating like a ravenous dog. No less than a year after their debut album Nocturnus are back with another awesome sci-fi concept album. This time around with a sound honed tight as fuck and a far slicker production job. This album was a milestone in the development of technical death, far ahead of it's time from a truly talented and criminally underrated band. This cool album was re-released by Earache in the last couple of years at some ridiculously low price, so there's no real excuse for not owning it!

Review by: The Monk

Great, Great, Great...
One of the first band playing this kind of metal
One of very few
And one of the best
Thresholds - Great music, Great album, Great times...

Review by: Mik

Excellent early sci-fi death metal,far more advanced than the key...a keeper

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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