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Yeah this cd is a great improvement since the previous, the beginning is outstanding with the beautiful opener 'Awaken' and the masterpiece 'Harmony Divine', if you haven't listened this song do it now !
Another songs that deserve mention are 'Intervene', with very nice acoustic guitar, 'Silent tomorrow', 'In Faith','Searching the betrayal' an emotional slow song and 'the Day I Return'.
The guitar playing and the piano parts are excellent, Eric Burnley is truly a talented composer.
Let's say that the edition of Dark Symphonies is very nice, don't buy the european release ( Pavement ) !
But buy the other of course, this album is a must have

Review by: danchloe

I really like this Album. It has this feeling that doom metal has!!! It's very hard to explain how it is so I'll just write about the music instead. The vocal is sung in both growl and clean. It basically a concept album about a man who gets divine powers and ponders what he's going to do with them. The music on this album is great too. Smote and relaxing. I would almost dare to say that Novembers Doom has surpass the Death doom Masters My Dying Bride. However considering MDB's latest that not really saying a whole lot. Get this masterpiece of an album you wont regret it.

Review by: Illnath

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