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Honestly, this is the best CD I've purchased this year. It's flat out dynamite. powerfull.
The vocals go from grunts to clean with precision.
Reminds me of the best MY DYING BRIDE.
Highly recommended.

Review by: malik1917

I cannot describe how much I enjoy this album. 10/10. Best album of the year. Possibly the best doom album ever. (sorry My Dying Bride) Love it.

Review by: malik1917

The first album after Eric's leaving, my expectations were not very high but I have to say that I'm satisfied with TPHD !
There are new elements this time, like a mix between the classic emotional music that all fans love so much and some new doom/death stuff like the cool first song or 'In absence of Grace'.
My favorites are 'Collapse of the Fallen Throe' and 'Autumn Reflection', followed by 'The Dead Leaf Echo' and the nice 'Through a Child's Eyes'. This time there are not any female vocals and less keyboards, the production is fantastic like in the previous album but now with Swanö and James Murphy intervention.
The unique complaint I have would be about the songs 'Swallowed by the moon' and 'In the absence of grace', probably are below the level of the album but on the whole TPHD is another solid release of an exceptional band.

Review by: danchloe

The Pale Haunt Departure - Outstanding! 11/10

Got interested in these guys whilst browsing through a magazine, and decided to get the album for Christmas. I was absolutly blown away! ND have got top marks for getting an amazing balance of majestic, powerful...I hate to use this word, 'ballads', with some gripping vocal work by the maestro Paul Kuhr, and several seriously powerful metal tracks, some slow and captivating, others frantic and jaw dropping!
A seriously spectacular album - this album has me fully taken in, and there will be no chance of boredom!

Review by: Mr B.I.G

Great all around metal album! Sticks to its heavy doom roots, but certain songs break away from this, and take on a more mainstream or ballad-esq feel. The lineup is Novembers Doom's best; cracking vocals from Paul Kuhr, some nifty and addictive guitar riffs, courtesy of Larry Roberts and Vito Marchese. Mike LeGross's bass work is simple, but very effective, and Joe Nunez's drum tracks are turning me green with envy (I'm a drummer myself - any other drummer who has heard this will probably understand!) All in all, an excellent mix of powerfully, majestic melodies and crashing, deathly riffs and vocal work; guaranteed great musicianship throughout on this album! Under Dan Swano's guidance, this is the best they have produced.

Review by: Mr B.I.G

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