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The worst album of the italians, monotone music and plain songs with repetitive riffs and irritant vocals. There are not desperate cries and fast parts, only laments and melancholic melodies.
On the whole the music is nice, but it's truly difficult to listen it more than 10 minutes without being tired.
The artwork is gay, and the lyrics too.
Cool that in the next release they would embrace the darkness again and leave back this accident, only recommended for 15-years old boys with suicidal feelings.

Review by: danchloe

This is one of the best albums I've ever heard...Personally I'm new to Novembre, I had heard much about them but I never really got the chance to hear their work.
Now I finally have the chance to do so..And I must say that I am very impressed. This is by far the best Novembre album I've heard. All the songs are sung in clean vocal and it suits the songs perfect. There is not one bad song on this album. I highly recommend this album to people who like metal and people who don't.


Review by: illnath

Even if i've heard this album after "Classica" and "Dreams d'azur", i would like to say, that it's a great album with a specific "novembre's" atmosphere. It's quite like Opeth, but i love this band more than Opeth's last effort ("Ghost reveries"), even despite of many "clean-vocal" parts. It's very well played and composed.


Review by: Collant

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