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Novembre are a great band, and this is their best CD! G
First class gothic metal! Buy or die!

Review by: blackdog

This is my favourite Novembre-album. Very good music from an italian band! Dark atmosphere and good melodys!

Review by: Autumn

Classica is one of the greatest albums ever. Even though I can't seem to find a real "best album" in Novembre as to me they're all great, even the "Wish I could dream it again" with the constantly out of tune voice of Carmelo. Novembre can be categorized as a mix of Opeth, Anathema and Katatonia however, their sound is unique to such an extent that their influences are only evident at first hearing, as once you get to listen to them more and more, you start to get the feeling they're not that influenced by the previously mentioned bands. They've got tons of melody and diverse rhythms without escaping their aural sound, the lyrics are, in my opinion, a wonder. Now onto classica, the album, as usual, doesn't differ much in quality and style from the previous ones, but it certainly is a big step in their musician skills. The harmonious voices are no longer constantly out of tune, the melody and technical composition skills has hugely evolved since Arte Novecento, the tracks in favorite order are as follow: My Starving Bambina, Nostalgiaplatz, Cold Blue Steel, Love Story, Onirica East, Winter 1941, Tales From A Winter To Come, Onirica East, Foto Blu Infinito, Spirit of the forest (Outro), L'epoque Noir. I only regret the band isn't known and not as supported by Century Media as other bands in their list are.

Review by: lucipher

After signing with Century Media, Novembre (now a quartet featuring the Orlando bros, Massimiliano Pagliuso on guitars and Alessandro Niola on bass) recorded one of the best metal albums I've ever listened to, the mighty 'Classica' (1999).
Compared with the previous 'Arte Novecento' (1997), it seems to hear another band, since the sound, the songwriting, it's too different! Where they were trying new solutions, now we found strong songs, sad and aggressive at the same time, where melody, technique and atmosferes melt down in a perfect way!
Their death metal roots, mixed with an atmosferic/gothic touch, give the songs an unique kick start (listen to 'Cold Blue Steel' or 'My Starving Bambina') and the vocals of Carmelo Orlando this time are very various, melodic and sad in the softer parts, aggressive and evil in the harder ones. Someone said that 'Classica' may represent a fusion between the previous two albums, between the atmosferic/death metal of the debut and the darwkave experimentations of the sequel... Maybe, what is important, is that with 'Classica' Novembre started to be seen as a real big band by everyone.

Review by: Evil Frons

Well, this album is a masterpiece, the improvement since 'Arte Novecento' is incredible. The drummer is so fucking good as ever, but the vocals and the guitars are way better.
The music is melodic/depressive doom/death metal, Carmelo Orlando writes almost all the music and lyrics, apart of doing the excellent vocals and playing guitar and keyboard, a metal god indeed.
The production is excellent, and the tunes are pure melancholia and beauty with 'Onirica East' as one of the most amazing songs written ever.
However the artwork is nothing special, and probably the label doesn't make the promotion they deserve.
'Classica' is definitely one of the highlights of 90's years. Not recommended for happy souls.

Review by: danchloe

A great album by this italian band...A very fine mixture of melodic and agressive singing.Depression and melancholy put together to give the listener a unique feeling...that of a surprising album!

Review by: omulcarevorbestecuploaia

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