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Like the past, NOVEMBRE plays the style like combining both OPETH and KATATONIA. However, NOVEMBRE on Materia is not that aggressive and modern like recent Katatonia, nor it is as heavy as today OPETH. Instead, the general atmosphere and the feeling of their music sounds more like KATATONIA during their mid-era (Discouraged One to Last Fair Deal Gone Down), and their acoustic part reminds us OPETH, like the intro part of "Geppeto" just kicks ass. Different from their previous releases, death vox is nearly absent in Materia, and the vocal is fine and melancholic, again, sounds like mid-era KATATONIA. The lyrics are mostly written in Itanlian, but fortunately the band provides us English translation in their booklet. All songs in this album are great, especially "Verne" "MEMORIA STOICA" and "Aquamarine", but one minor problem of this album is the introduction part of "Comedia", because it's too fucking heavy and doesn't quite match the general soft feeling of this album. To conclude this album, it's so beautiful, powerful, icy, and melancholic. For me, a picture with light raining during a cold day emerges when I am listening to this album. If you like atmospheric bands such as KATATONIA, OPETH, and ANATHEMA etc, you shouldn't miss NOVEMBRE as well.

Review by: Ahlan

How many emotions transmietted me this album.....I think it's one of the more deepest and reflected albums ever...full of meanings and intelligent's a real trip through human emotions and psicology....too beautiful

Review by: impaled god

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