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hail to NOVEMBRE !!

This album is FUCKING BRILLIANT , Carmelo and his brother have done an amazing album, unfortunately Novembre should be more recognize 'cause there are so worse bands that don't deserve any success.I can't describe with words How fucking good this album is !!songs as Flower, Distances and Valentine show the power and talent of these musicians.We must spread this marvellous band all over the world. I'm ver excited about their new album obviously will be another masterpiece !!!!

Novembre rules !!!

Review by: carlos h

Novembre are gods. Thery are underrated, but this album proves again that they are one of the all time best doom/death metal acts. 'Child of the Twilight' and 'Venezia Dismal' are pure brilliance, and the final part of 'Conservatory Resonance', and many other passages.
This is a MUST have by any dark metal fan. Do you enjoy Opeth or Katatonia ? Listen Novembre, they are as good or more.

Review by: danchloe

Novembre make me proud of being Italian! I only regret that they're not as known as some terrible bands, but I also think that this is a good thing, because they're like those precious and secret things only few and lucky people can owe and enjoy. This is one of the greatest records of all the ages...its melancholy, its gloomy atmosphere which tells about loneliness and desolation, but soon after it turns into hope and calm...Carmelo's anger and sweetness at the same time is a hymn to life over death, it's the cry of lost souls which do not want to renounce to live.

Review by: darklingvale

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