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This is their best album. It's groove, heavy and great. James Murphy plays great solos,John's growling is awesome i think the best growling ever made. It kicks ass. Must buy for every death metal fan.

Review by: misiod

My favourite death metal album of all time. It was my first death metal album. The music on this album is really heavy and so dark, the albumcover really shows what the music is about. John tardy has a awesome growl, not a heavy grunt... But a heavy grunt wouldn't fit in obituary's music. Although I don't know the lyrics, I can guess they're about rotting away in a dark tomb and so on...
Also the sound effects in the beginning and at the end of find the arise are so fucking morbidious and dark.

my rating 9.7/10

Review by: nve

No mellow shit, just plain brutality, dehumanized disgusting vocals & Donald's destroyer double-bass. Just one of those few albums that defines the Death genre. 10 out of 10.

Review by: jhva_elohim_meth

cause of death is one of those early american death metal
classics straight out of morissound studios james murphy laid down some more inovative solos as the tardys nailed
precice precusion and gloryous growls the bass only added
to the onsamble. crunching riproarig riffs litter the casscading horizon solos bore like icecls in your soul
drums pound like riffels soundig bass thumps like thunder crashing. thats the cause of death

Review by: bill

This is by far my favourite release from Obituary. As one of the original peddlers of the death metal genre, Obituary have always maintained a sound and style of their own. As a sophomore outing for a young band in a young genre this album is awesome. The title track "Infected" leads in with an eerie sound effect and menacing drums, before the familiar slow guitar crunch kicks in. Then a not so familiar sound- the amazing solo guitar work of the omnipresent James Murphy filling in for Allen West whom at the time was completing studies. I'm not sure how others feel , but I personally feel that Murphy is a superior guitarist to West (no disrespect to Allen), and he just tops of the great songs on this album with some fucking shredding solos. For me this is the definitive Obituary collection, although album sales would contest that "The End Complete" is. Easily a classic.

Review by: The Monk

This is one of the best death metal albums ever. This shit is just great. I can't imagine how anyone would not own this. It is very stupid and crazy if one does not own it. The guitars are sick, the vocals are sick, and everything in between is sick. Great album. Buy this album or be a moron. 10/10.

Review by: wintersheart

obituary!!! from the ominous plod of body bag till the conclusion of turned inside out, there really is only one word from this pioneering heavy shit: s i c k> hahahhaha!!! and it also features james murphy on leads. tampa can't get much better than this. if you only buy one obituary record, make it htis one. metal perfection!

Review by: themetaledd

this cd is fuckin badass!!!!!!!!! its the fuckin shiz-niz!! anyone who is a fucking death metal fan......i recomend you add this to your collection!oh yea circle of the tyrants is a badass cover of celtic frost.

Review by: necrobeast

Perhaps not meant to be so, but this album puts a smile on my face every time. It isn't very good musically - let alone lyric-wise in which it doesn't surpass the mental ability of a 13-year old, but it's still a great album for its sheer massive sound and the couple of handfull truly great riffs that ARE on the album, and that are played very tight which helps a lot. John Tardy's voice is more hilarious than frightening but then, to me this is a feelgood-album more than a sit-right-up-what's-happening-here album.

Review by: Clouded Sky

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

It's all here - the groove, the brutality, the guitars, the vocals...

Just as Clouded Sky said, this album brings a smile to my face! Because of this album, Obituary became one of my favourite bands (and I'm lucky enough to be seeing them on the 8th January 2006!). This album (in fact most of Obituary's work) has got me through many a bus journey to and from work! I love it!

Review by: Loucifer

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