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pretty good headbang stuff...of course it has not the class of slowly we rot oder cause of death..but nice to listen and nice to bang to!

if obituary comes to your town - GO THERE! they rule live!

Review by: Corpsie

It is nice to see them again. This album is pretty good. Even if not excellent it is still old style death metal made by Obituary and I think it is enough to recommend it. Far better than Back From The Dead, anyway.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

Now Obituary is realy frozen in time. They're were masters and they will be them always. Somelike "Frozen in time" exhibit at the world gallery of Death Metal!!!

Review by: Stigmatheist

obituary has come again!!!!, the true death metal rides again and again!!!, classic infernal screams, classic sound, no need too arrangments, no need too much commerciality... your presence is enough, hail to the true death metal!!!, hail obituary!!!... aahhh... this album is excelent... see you...

Review by: northvisions

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