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Yyyyyeeeeuuuuurrrrrrggghhhhh! This is the first vocal-line on this CD, and it sounds as if a hungry, tormented zombie screamed at you while ripping out your guts and smashing your face in. An album so violent and rotten beyond belief. As if the reaper himself would have played all the instruments. Not too fast, but yet aggressive, a dry and direct production and somehow groovy. Must have this one. Killer.

Review by: Necroking

The best Brutal Vocals I ever heard!

Review by: Loki_the septic

Best Death Metal bands from Florida...Brutal Death Metal=OBÝTUARY...not new sweden ? metal(in flames..dark tranqulity and other pop music bands!) Ý love old Brutal Sweeden and old Florida Death Metal Bands...THÝS is REAL ....DEATH METAL....

Review by: Beyto

best obituary album-the greatest vocals ever-masterpiece

Review by: iudicium

Damn this has to be one of the greatest albums ever. John Tardy's vocals are simply amazing! 10/10

Review by: Naleway

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