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I actually bought this album because of its awesome cover, but it turned out that the music was just as good. It is probably the most extreme black metal album I've ever heard; the blasting drums and super fast guitar never let up. The vocals are a little bit raspy, but for the most part adequate, and the keyboards are perfectly placed, using ominous melodies to exemplify the album's space theme. Overall the production is good, but the songs do sound similar, but then again they only total 40 minutes. They are all about the standard black metal topics: the forest, outer space, dark gods, etc. But thats not a bad thing. Anyway, the whole album is bludgeoning and fast, and a must for hardcore black metal fans.

Review by: the_fated_hour

The cover was made by an excellent artist Morfeus, who is otherwise involved in band so called Limbonic Art.I find this CD very similar to Limbonic Art first release Moon In the Scorpio and I like it very much.So if you like bombastic symphonic black metal with lots of keybord and black grim vocals, this is the right piece 4 U.

Review by: pim

This album seethes with cosmic might. Theres no grasping for straws to describe this album. you cant simply lable it 'hateful' though it certainly posseses it deep in the musics soul. It's the mixture of sorrow and hatred from what was once mighty(maybe the old ways). It makes me think of an enraged and mourning king standing amid the ruins of a once proud pagan kingdom. He like us all will have our revenge! This what I think of when I listen to it. There is no lyric sheet.

Review by: Lord valor

I first herd of Odium from myrkskog and zyklon, and as i am very into Astral black metal, I found it absolutely Soul annihilating. From the very first second of Winterpath, to the very last of Riding the starwinds, Its black, evil, sorrowfilled, Despising and Breathtaking, The keyboards in all their mystic glory add brilliantly to the Severing guitar, Acid spitting drums courtesy of the brilliant Eek, and the seething, rasping terrorfilling vocals of secthdamon, not sung at all similarly to his vocals in zyklon, But still incredible. Beautiful. Dark. Demonic. Ride the starwind that sweep you to the sad realm of the stars.....

Review by: Lord of the star realm

Great album..mix of limbonic art and emperor... what can I say...I love thos sound of drums like on Summoning- lugburz:-)
Black metal quality

Review by: parom

What can i say-just PERFECT-you can enjoy every single instrument in here.The atmosphere is amazing-sad ans sorrow.Good black metal riffs,nice vocals.I like everything in this album.На моменти ми напомнят на САБРАКС.

Review by: iudicium

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