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I must hear from you if, by some horrible mutational crease in the very fabric of the Universe's secret realms of nature and disorder you happen to possess a copy of
LO FLUX TUBE: (1991 Earache)
~Especially if IT possesses YOU~
GREAT GOD; What an example of Frenzied, Over-The-Top Screeching INSANITY Engulfed in Extragalactic, Ectoplasmic Unearthliness.
James Plotkin (guitar) does NOT play by any of the rules found in THIS sector of God's Big Black Universe.
Infact, imagine if human civilization had a mirror counterpart, only this one resides on The Planet Venus.
(where it rains sulfuric acid & the atmoshpere is hot enough to melt lead)
I think OLD would be kinda like their version of RUSH.
You see what I'm saying? Geez, I wonder what their version of OLD would be like...
It would probably cause a Massive Continuum Rift, thus invoking a Bizarre Wormhole Anomaly;
out of which a Stephen King version of "The Burl Ives Thing" would begin to mutate into form.
Hmmmm... Now that is Frightening.
Each of you adventurous, hardcore metalheads & GrindGoblins must FIND this CD!
A real humdinger off this barn-burner is Track #5;VEIN WATER.
THAT is some Awesome and Intense shit.
The weaving, cataclysmic bass riffs in this one are just friggin' unreal. Geddy of the underworld-type shit.
Lo Flux Tube is a must for All Metal Collections. It is an Entity unto itself.

Review by: Tangento

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