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Orama is probably best described as dreamy greek doom metal. Everything about this album breathes an atmosphere of water, islands and oceans. Not just the melodic riffs, the sound of water but mostly the harps that are used often. This together with the great male and female singing and the combined slow and fast parts creates a beautiful atmospheric doom metal album.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Review by: Zenial

Orama is probably one of the most melodic greek metal albums ever recorded and to my opinion the best On Thorns I Lay album. The previous review fully covered me, but I would like to insist on the truly professional work on guitars and drums, among the rest. Although it is just the second album, it is full of passionate music and stounding metal riffs. It's really a shame that greek bands do not attract the right attention of music labels, especially foreign ones. Such groups could have started an international career having been back up by established labels.Finally, the whole album's atmosphere is summed up in, to my opinion, Orama's best song:"Oceans". To me, Oceans is the best greek metal song ever composed.

Review by: biochemist

Truly one of the best albums i've ever heard, despite being labeled Doom Metal, the sounds goes far beyond the traditional gloom of the genere.

Review by: donomaniaco

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