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This is a total killer album. Songs like ´Eclipse Of Life (The Eternal Walk IV)´ and ´Dominion´ make it worth buying.

Good and melodic music!

Review by: black_fog

It´s rare that Opthalamia has no reviews. althought this is a kind of band that is´nt so famous but got very very talent and a very good style, I don't really know why there is`nt knowns... Opthalamia is one of the classicals black metal... what up with you!!!!... and "DOMINION" is an excellent production. All album is great... so great...

Review by: Northvisions

I was immidiately attracted to this album when first hearing the opening Elishia's Mistresses Gather. The song itself depicts in my mind a glorious battle hymn that I place in the same tier as classic Graveland. The album then continues with some tolerable songs, and some quite well songs. Nothing caught my ear like the opener though. Solid album and amazing lyrics.

We are the chosen all blessed with evil.

Review by: CursedFuneral

what an unrecognized gem! grooving and sombre, this will shake your soul like the best of 'em. excellent drumming.

Review by: ttong

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