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I borrowed this album off of a friend as he said it wouldnt dissapoint me.
How right he was, from the first track which starts with what sounds like a cavern, with dripping water and a man chanting. It then goes into some real fucking tight drumming and some morbidly grim vocals.
I was surprised that Perished were'nt on the band list already, as id heard of them a while back and had thought they were pretty good, although at the time i was going through a stage where i listened to alot of other bands.
Anyway, check out track two Dance of the Elves, as just after the halfway point an accordian kicks in, very strange and almost reminds me of Arkhon Infaustus, goes well with the track.
Some nice double base through out the album, as i mentioned the drummings pretty good, they also include keyboards into their work, wich i have to say i like alot, being a fan of the whole symph-metal thing.
Forged to Bloodshed is a fucking good track, and strongly recomend it for anyone who likes what ive mentioned.
I think that if you like Rotting Christ you should like them, now i just have to decide whether my friend gets his album back ;)

Review by: Huntsekker

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