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Ah, Pestilence! What could I say about them? Magnificient, open-minded, intelligent and proficient death metal that marked the path of the further development in the underground scene. Patrick & Co. never got the credit they deserved, never collected the cash they deserved, never experienced, that is to say, the feeling of being "famous". Who cares? This is their second album and, man, it is brutal as hell. No wimp trendy stuff here yet DEATH metal at its best. Musicwise fast and obssessive, lyricwise - philosophic, dealing with the dark aspects of life. Production is muddy and texturized, blurred guitars, thunder bass, shattering (yet crude) drum performance and, of course, the landmark of early Pestilence - Martin's vox. Asphyxated to say the least! And of course we should mention the killing TOP 10 death metal chartbuster. It is Out of the body! Other faves of mine - Chronic infection, Process of suffocation, Proliferous souls (fantastik solos by the mainman - Pat Mameli). Don't have it yet?

Review by: Vund

Martin VanDrunen did it Again.....No words, and i'm very sorry for all that wanted to be like them. There's just one band that can play as well as they did, and is called Pestilence

Review by: Zamzack

This album my first death metal album..i have LP of this album...what can i say?...real brutal death metal classic album..always number 1 for me...Deifhy thy Master! Martin Van Drunen Rules!

Review by: Beyto

The best death metal album of all time! I dare to say that! Great production: brutal but fine and aggressive ass hell! Drunen is (or was)absolutely the best "singer" in the scene. The album cover suxxx big time but the guys had nothing to do with that so blame it on the Roadrunner. Every track is a killer! If you ask me, this is among the best metal albums with Slayer´s "Reign in blood" and Death´s "Leprosy"!

Review by: endlesshorse

I have Consuming Impulse autographed on cassette by the original members. This is Pestilence at it's best. Very in-your-face music and the lyrics are to die for. I ran the lights for these guys on the Consuming Impulse North American tour at a club called Joe's Garage.

Review by: Studster

Consuming impulse is one of my top 5 death metal favorites, and the cover is so fucking cool! the vocals of Van Drunen kicks major ass, every song is a killer! Especially "Dehydrated", "Chronic Infection", "Echoes of Death" and "The Process of Suffocation" !!! BUY IT!

Review by: Exorcisto

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