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Holland's Pestilence is generally called the best death metal band ever, following closely behind Death as innovators in the genre. Combining elements trash, proto death metal and hardcore they helped broaden and redefine the definition of death metal
This album simply kicks ass

Review by: Zamzack

Thrash Metal.after this them playing death metal.

Review by: Beyto

One of the greatest thrash records ever. Filled with pounding fast drums, ripping guitars and the marvellous vocal work.

Rating: 95/100

Review by: exorcisto

PESTILENCE! One of the greatest death metal bands in the world, but on here they play more thrash based stuff. This does NOT mean that the music on here is any less kick-ass than "Consuming Impulse," the band had yet to take the last step to becoming the death metal juggernaut they are known as. I would have to say this is almost death/thrash, it's tight and brutal, with Van Drunen hoarsely rasping over the top of some nasty, nasty riffage, courtesy of Patrick Mameli and Randy Meinhard. One gets all the standard Pestilence topics here--murder, surgeries gone awry, genetic experimentation, and death by surgical bacteria! Get this one!

Review by: snapkick

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