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A nice collection of great songs... A good idea to buy if you want to get to know Pestilence!

Review by: Flix

Hi There...

Pestilence, Mind Reflections..Well it's a best of compiled by Monte Connor, one of the head guys of Roadrunner and a man who has had his nose into many of the Labels Legendary Signing's..Atheist, Sepultura, Obituary anybody?

This CD is rushed and thus flawed in my opinion, the tracks are all over the place with little or no attention abeit the "title" been paid to the Dutch bands last LP Spheres. Monte Connor provides a small account of his days with the bamd and the inner booklet is b & w.

Pestilence may count them selfs lucky as Roadrunner went all 'Alternative' on us and is little like the label it once was. FAor fans at least their is some good quality Live tracks from 1992 & Dan Seagrave (who did the art for the previous 2 album's) does the Artwork.

Overall a good intro for the newcomer but i am afraid the Legendary Metal Masters PESTILENCE could do with a little better care.


Review by: Manu

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