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Though a shocking release to fans of their (traditional) death-metal records, this is excellent. Just the time wasn't right maybe. Crazy metal played at a high level featering nerve breaking jazzy, dissonant melodies and riffing. Very experimental and not for the occasional ear, but totally unique and intense.

Review by: lame-ass

The album Spheres represents everything that Pestilence was about. High quality music played bij excellent musicians. Too bad that their urge to mature and grow could not be followed in the same paice by their fans.

The album was only appriciated years after the band had allready broken up. The album contains very intense tracks that need time to grow by listening to them a couple of times.

I had the oppertunity to hear them play a couple of the Spheres songs live (in an Arnhem guitarshop showcase). They played the songs raw and without most synth-guitars. These songs blasted live. I still can't understand why they did not release two cd's containing the same tracks. The first with and the second without synth. One for the moment and one for the future so to say...

Review by: doedel

To begin, I liked bands like Cynic, Atheist, and the like in the past quite well(though I am not such a fan nowadays). I heard that Pestilence is a good band in the same style, so I checked them out. MISTAKE. Synth guitars fail, leave that to Allan Holdsworth, actually, kill Allan Holdsworth, his music is terrible, and so is this worthless refuse. The riffs are lifeless, boring tremolo riffs with no character whatsoever. The vocals are a weak raspy deathish voice with little presence. I fail to see what is jazzy in this, except that it fails, and has the sort of resistance to melody that the worst fusion has. Avoid this.

Review by: TheWelkinAtDusk

Spheres is a trip into a sci-fi jazz infused experimental death metal,totally unique Pestilence record.Excellent compositions and concepts also and the synth guitars create a whole new level of intrigue and are very well placed,another form of the branching out that the death metal scene seemed to undergo at that time (1992-3)

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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