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Twisted Truth is one of the best deathmetal songs ever written on Dutch grounds. A must!!!!

Review by: Flix

One of the best technical jazz-death metal albums ever!
And there's no more to say...

Review by: Mik

Allright. I'll have to re-shuffle my "best ever"-list. Nocturnus' "The Key" will have to move one down. I just purchased Testimony after not having heard the album (did'nt buy it back then) for thirteen years and every single track still was hidden in my subconscious - it was an emotional re-discovery of truely great music in metal (there's other great music as well - surprise!).

Testimony is utterly brilliant in its mood-shifts, clever use of dissonance, sheer aggression and focus of guitar-sound, inventiveness of the riffs... It just has it all. The lyrics however are not that special as they don't stray from the usual death-lyrics, but that's of little relevance to me.

The use of instrumental tracks between the songs works excellent, as they are far more creative and satisfying than, for example, the instrumental abominations Morbid Angel pesters the listener with.

There are many "best ever" albums mentioned on this site. However, for now, I've made MY choice!

Review by: Clouded Sky

a unique death metal masterpiece, that puts pestilence in to death metal history proudly

Review by: o

I don't agree with Clouded Sky,the lyrics are good,and instrumentals also perfectly capture each concept the song title represents.Oh and the metal tracks kick ballz too!!!\m/
Pestilence were death metal visionaries!

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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