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listen this petris
this is the best album in pyogenesis history for me
perfect mix of death,heavy and rock
they never been that orginal and hard

Review by: smetiaak

This album can only be described as an emotinal rollercoster.Its so powerful and so full of emotion.Sweetx rated nothings is all about loosing someone you love its about sadness anger and revenge.The gutiar molodyes are catchy and the vokills are powerfull and you can sing along to them.Ive had the album for a few years and it holds up to the teast of time very well.I dont like to play the same album over and over but this album is so good that repeat listens only make it better and better and thats not an easy thing to say.This was the first album I had to write a revew for on this site and I feel it has to get the attention it deserves.

Review by: emanuels

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