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I have to be carefull but on this point I only have/know this release by Red Harvest. And according to the votes this isn't good at all (or it isn't representative for Red Harvest's usual sound, which I presume). But, I actually like this quite a lot! Some dark industrial noise , I'm not sure how to describe this very well, but it gets you into a strange mood. One of the most strange/interesting things I've heard lately.

Review by: Flix

this simply fantastic! someone tell that sick transi gloria mundi is their best album but this is not true! cold dark matter is a percfect mixture of industrial,black,dark and depressive metal!with this album you can feel in your mind the cold of Norway! I recommend this to all black metal fans! good listen

Review by: impaled god

another great release from them....I don't understand beacause people don't like it! with herbstleyd is the complete expression of dark and frozen feelings....listen to this album!

Review by: impaled god

I think Red Harvest is an overrated band. For sure it`s dark and lifeless. BUT. It`s boring as hell and doesn`t give me anything back.

Review by: winterspell

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