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There are no words to describe the music of Root, simply marked the sort of doom, declining, emotional and original, influencing to bands as Moonspell and Silent Stream of Godless Elegy... The Temple In the Underworld is a sample of it, indispensable in any collection of a lover of doom and but even of the true Underground!

Review by: Blackwings

Moonspell? this album is created in 1991 and record 1992, I Don't Think that Root influenced by Moonspell (moonspell since 1992).
The stile the Root is very original based in Black Metal and Doom Metal. "Majectic Black/Doom Metal"

Review by: Adelas

This band is considered as czech Black/Doom metal legent. What a shame for. I've heard three Root albums. Temple... among them. All of them are just pieces of sh*t. 1/10

Review by: Pavlik

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